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2013 #1 Houston Astros draft pick: Mark Appel/Stanford

Posted by Noe in Austin On June - 6 - 2013

Mark AppelThe Houston took what they considered to be the best of the best in the 2013 MLB Amatuer draft: Mark Appel from Stanford University. Yes, that Mark Appel. Both a Houston native and a Scott Boras client, this is the epitome of the ying and yang in MLB life. Apparently the high cost that comes from being both #1 overall in the draft and also a Boras client is somewhat mitigated nowadays from the MLB putting salary parameters for teams. That and perhaps that this just made the best sense to do. As an organization struggling to bring themselves into legitimacy to their own fans, much less to the entire MLB landscape, this is exactly the sort of move that brings more and more thumbs up that this is not a team that is turning their back on winning. And winning soon too.

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2012 Astros draft pick: SS Carlos Correa!

Posted by Noe in Austin On June - 4 - 2012

I'm #1, I'm #1, I'm #1!You know, making pundits looks really less than smart is becoming a really fun game to watch play out. Not that anyone is really trying to make these media pundits look bad, but it is something that has it’s uneasy pleasure. In the 2012 version of the game, the MLB draft held Monday night, June 3,2012 delivered a surprise to get the game off and running right away. The Houston Astros, owners of the overall first pick in the draft, took SS Carlos Correa from Puerto Rico. Immediately the comparisons to A-Rod, Jeter, Cal Ripken Jr, and of course the last five tool short stop in the Astros system, Dickie Thon came rolling in.

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Alex Meyer

Posted by Noe in Austin On April - 19 - 2011

Talk of the 2011 Baseball draft is starting to heat up, with conversations about the #11 pick for the Houston Astros making the rounds in the Bus Ride Discussion Forum.

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On Castro, Locke and rehab assignments

Posted by OregonStrosFan On August - 9 - 2009

From the pipeline

Posted by OregonStrosFan On August - 5 - 2009

Minor Notes

Posted by OregonStrosFan On July - 14 - 2009